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I don't have a set amount I'm willing to pay because I want to see what's out there.

There is a tentative deadline for this, which is going to be roughly May 10th. I'll be leaving sometime after that date and I'd like to give this to him before I fly out.

Understand that this is going to be a going-away present for my bf (I'm moving overseas) so I don't want just some doodle or something. I want this to be a fully detailed, colored, shaded picture with a background.

I need a large black wolf drawn with a set of dog tags hanging around his neck.He has blue/brown colored eyes. In addition, there also needs to be a small, house-sized cat with auburn colored fur (it's a mix of red and brown) with red streaks drawn in. She'll have hazel colored eyes. She also has a necklace and bracelet that I can link you to, if asked.

I'm looking for one of two types of scenes. Either wintery with the cat cuddling up to the wolf for warmth or a protective yet cute scene.

Note: I'm willing to pay extra if you can do a livestream/ while drawing this. Not the whole thing, just while drawing/sketching out the wolf and cat.
I'm willing to pay through either :points: or PayPal bullet.

The picture will need to be fully shaded and a background included. This is non-negotiable. I'm intending on this being a present for my bf as well as a new wallpaper for my computer.

I'm not going to list any limits to money because I'd like to see what you're all willing to charge.

If you comment here or Note me, I'll be straight to the point whether or not I'm considering you. I'm not in the mood (at this moment) to be all nice and stuff :c So, I'll just tell you I'm considering or a simple no thank you. Don't take offense to it. I'm just picky with my drawings.

I want a black wolf with blue/brown eyes (like this:… ) and a set of dog tags hanging around his neck drawn with a house cat with auburn colored fur (with random, vibrant red streaks in it) with hazel colored eyes who would have this necklace and leather bracelet as accessories:
Tmp 9123-2014-08-14 15.07.04779138652 by Dianakit12

I don't have a pose picked out. I'd like it to be cute yet protective though, if that makes any sense? ^^;

As for the background, I was hoping for it to be a twilight type setting ( sorta these colors?… ) in the woods or near the ocean.

I'm willing to pay extra if you can do livestream/ sessions while drawing it! :meow:

Woo! I'm bored so here's the 'Theme Songs' I've picked out for my 6 characters so far! :meow:

My main 4 will have two songs each to go with their adult and child-aged images (all drawn by the wonderful M-e-z! :D)
Nov14 Pc Dianah Headshots By M E Z-d87906l by Dianakit12
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Up first, Alaz! She's gonna have two since I have images of her as a child and adult :aww:
For her child-aged (4 YO) Theme Song~ I Want A Mom That'll Last Forever by Cyndi Lauper

Alaz has no Mom because she was taken at birth. She only hears about them (moms) from the other kids that come through The Center periodically for check-ups. She hears stories about how they comfort their kids when it's storming outside or how they keep them safe. All things that Alaz has never known.

For her adult-aged (19 YO) Theme song~ Halo by Haley James Scott

As soon as the old Sector leader passed away, Leadership was handed to Alaz. She never asked for it and it's easy to see that people are jealous of her. She doesn't want the job and tries her hardest to give it to someone else, but she can't. So, what else is there to do? She stands up and takes her job seriously for once, but it's a little too late.

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Next up is.. Kian! I also have a child-aged and adult-aged theme song for him since we have pics of both! ^-^
For his child-aged (9 YO) theme song~ Monster You Made Me by Pop Evil

From the age of one and a half until he was 17, Kian was subjected to tests and experiments by doctors. Just for the simple difference in his blood type from the rest of the population, he was called a monster and considered abnormal. So, he owned up to that title. He caused as much trouble as he could-and was frequently beaten for it. It wasn't until he was allowed to leave that he realized that he wasn't a monster, it was the doctors that experimented on him.

For his adult-aged theme song~ Get Off Of My Back by Bryan Adams

This is just... Kian xD I don't have anything to say about it. This is just his personality in one song.

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Up next would be our lovely Terrance ;)
His song for him at a child-like age (15 YO) would be~ Monster by Meg and Dia

An odd choice, I know, but hear me out. Terrance's experience at The Center was the worst out of any of the characters thus far. He has a past there that not even Mosomi knows of. Due to the experiments ran on him, he has a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde type personality. He could be a very, very caring individual or he could be an extremely violent one with no emotions whatsoever. He also left The Center at an older age than the rest of them (24 YO).

For his adult-aged (30 YO) theme song~ Full Circle by Half Moon Run

As previously stated, Terrance has unpredictable mood swings. Mosomi is aware of this and does his best to help when he's able. But sometimes, there's not much he can do but just be there.

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Time for Mosomi! :D
For his child-aged (6 YO) theme song~ Fun Group Of Friends from Inuyasha

Hey, not everyone can have sad kid-theme songs! Mosomi, while he was subjected to the test and experiments like, took his in a different manner. He attached himself to Terrance at a very young age (5 YO Moso // 14 YO Terrance) and looked up to him as a brother. He'd do his best to just get a smile out of anyone (be it Terrance or just some random nurse) by acting a goof.

As for adult-aged (21 YO) theme song~ La La by The Cab

Everyone's so serious and paying attention to their jobs. Mosomi? No. He's just a clingy, bothersome, stubborn, cute boyfriend to Terrance XD Seriously. I love these two.

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Alrighty, up to Zander! This dick
Jan15 Pc Zander By M E Z-d8fwe4p by Dianakit12Grell emote
Anyways, his theme song~ Addicted by Saving Abel

This guy has literally never been told no. God help the poor soul who does try it, because Zander's crazy enough that murder isn't beyond his scope of reality. I'll put this bluntly because I don't enjoy the topic, but he crept up into my story and now he's there. Raping some poor girl is almost a nightly thing for him. He doesn't care. I hate his guts and I love his ending e-e

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Last but not least, Narissa! My sweet little girl :hug:
Jan15 Pc Narissa By M E Z-d8fvok6 by Dianakit12
For her theme song, it's ~ Voices by Rev Theory

wow XD Totally doesn't look like this would go... but! She does hear voices and despite her innocent appearance, she's not very... nice. Thanks to being stuck at The Center and hearing peoples thoughts (she still isn't aware that's what she's hearing), her view of the world is severely skewed.
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So, I decided that since I absolutely sucked at taking my birth control pills on time (not the point that I totally missed it, but a few hours late on more than a couple of occasions), I'd get something I didn't have to remember.

Thus, the Nexplanon!

So far, so good. The area is still pretty bruised up :/ And by that, I mean it looks like someone beat my arm up. Blah....

If anyone has any questions about it, please ask (: I'll tell you what I can. I only got it last Wednesday (so, 1 week ago from today).

Here's the pictures! If you're squeamish about bruising or needle stick holes, just ah.. leave ;)

Day 2~  20150218 175727 by Dianakit12
(Day 1 was just it wrapped in a giant foam sticky band-aid. You can see a bit of bruising. That's near the end of the rod.)

Day 3~  20150219 154241 by Dianakit12
(See, giant ass hole from the gun needle insertion thingy majiger. The band-aid was off while I showered. It had a special wrap thing that my bf helped me put on before I could shower since it was technically an open wound.)

Day 4~  20150222 130058 by Dianakit12
(Day 5 was just a slightly more bruised version of this. Band-aid has to stay on for 72 hours except while showering.)

Day 6~  20150223 160350 by Dianakit12
(The band-aid I put on after my shower ripped off skin. OW! It's also much more bruised.)

Day 7~  20150225 153824 by Dianakit12
(Today! The purple bruising is starting to go away. It looks gross.)
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Mkay, can you guys please give me some quick little scenes to write? I'm kinda brain dead at the moment and I'd like something to help me out of this rut ;w; Here's my characters, just gimme a little description of the scene and I'll write it out asap.

Alaz ~ she's quiet but is also a sector leader (so, she kinda sorta 'owns' 1/3 of the city)

Kian ~ Alaz's close friend. He's very blunt and to the point.

Terrance ~ Medical expert. He's quiet and commanding, but he's prone to violent outbursts. Mosomi's Partner.

Mosomi ~ He acts childish. He's very good with computers. He's Terrance's Partner.

Narissa ~ She's 6 years old. She seems to be mute, but she's not. She hears other peoples thoughts but isn't aware that's what it is.

Zander ~ He's a total A+ dick. You can't get much worse than him. He thinks the world owes him and he'll take whatever he pleases, even if that happens to be a woman.

////If this needs to be in a journal, I'll transfer it there. I only posted it here because hardly anyone ever responds to my journals...////

About Me~

Stamps! :D


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